Shirin Tabeshfar

Poetic paintings

We welcome Shirin to our gallery and are delighted to be exhibiting her work. 


In Shirin's own words:

"In the depths of my memory, in the meantime and moving places, links are established between buried images. This series of works weaves an intimate communication with my inner life, a dialogue between what has been lost and found. The details dissolve, giving way to shapes free of precision. Through time and memory, I unfold my experiences, intentions and dreams. Painting becomes my way of defining myself, a direct and deep expression. Each brush stroke conveys my vibrant feeling. The raw finish thus preserves the drama of its creation. These works consist of superimposed layers, with varied textures, sometimes transparent, sometimes opaque. The strata appear and fade, evoking their existence in memory." 


We look forward to seeing you visit the gallery to see Shirin's wonderful paintings.

September 15, 2023