Yasmine Esfandiary Iranian, b. 1955

Yasmine Esfandiary is an Iranian artist, born in Tehran, who now splits her time between Santa Barbara, California and Nice in the South of France. Yasmine is the daughter of an ambassador and subsequently spent her childhood living in the Middle East and in Europe. As a student she attended the 'American School' in Milan and 'L'Ecole Superieure D'Art Graphique et Photographie' in Paris. Yasmine then moved to the U.S.A. where she attended the 'Rhode Island School of Design'. Yasmine remained in the States for over twenty years and it's where she developed her creative practice and where she exhibited extensively. Yasmine has spent the last fifteen years displaying her artwork in Italy, France, the U.K., the U.A.E. and North America.


"My practice is an investigation of the diverse cultural, social and visual experiences of my life, which are a result of my exposure to various Eastern and Western cultures as a child. For me painting is a process of self-discovery, examining the interstices in which my personal identity lies, allowing the diverse materials and methods that I employ to engage an ever-shifting dialogue between East and West. I utilize various techniques and styles, informed by my studies in fine art and my background in design. These distinct iterations of my practice are pieces of one whole, containing visual historical and contemporary resources. My approach presents the viewer with a dynamic history and a multitude of cultural appropriations and interpretations.


The symbols, patterns and icons in ancient Persian miniatures, mosaics, and pottery have influenced me greatly. This is most apparent in the vibrantly coloured Lustre, Splendour, and Resplendent series. The compositions in these paintings are very carefully and deliberately planned out. The icons and symbols that I use are superimposed onto the canvas using small paint brushes and precise paint strokes, taking hours at a time to create a contemporary mystical landscape. Contrary to my other work, my abstract paintings are spontaneous textural expressions of color and form. I start each piece with an idea of how I want the finished work to appear, but by allowing my self-expression to take over and by letting the material act as an extension of my body, I give myself the freedom to improvise and create my own visual language.

These seemingly disparate series all have one thing in common: the synthesis of body, heart and soul. My work, as an extension of myself both conscious and unconscious, allows me to convey my own personal evolution."

Yasmine Esffandiary


Recent Solo Exhibitions

2021 DUM House, Nice
2019 Carla Romero, Santa Barbara
2018 Elizabeth Vallino Interiors, Santa Barbara
2017 Woodhouse, Montecito
2012 Lustre & Other Series at the Danish Design House, Cannes

Recent Selected Group Exhibitions
2021 Smile, it's contagious! at Galerie Martin Sauvage, Nice
2020 Gift Studio at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
2018 Barry McGee: SB Mid Summer Intensive at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
2012 Magical Nights Charity Auction & Exhibition at MOP, Dubai
2011 Arab & Iranian Contemporary Art at Sotheby's, London
2010 Magical Nights Charity Auction & Exhibition at MOP, Abu Dhabi
2010 Arab & Iranian Contemporary Art at Sotheby's, London
2010 Yasmine Esfandiary & Stefania Pennacchio at Galleria Casa Dugnani, Milan
2010 Contemporary Art Auction at Phillips de Pury & Company, London