Selene Plum American

In 1996 Selene Plum earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and upon admission was awarded 'The Grace and Walter Byron Smith Scholarship'.


Selene Plum has been working as a set designer and prop stylist for photography and national TV commercials for twenty years.


The painter was also a co-operative director of Las Manos Gallery in Andersonville, Chicago. This is a decade old gallery which presents established and emerging artists. Las Manos also serves as a community performance space. The gallery hosts discussions, dramatic monologues and panel discussions on topics such as reform. Gallery exhibitions range from ruminations on birds to art from death row inmates.


Selene Plum owns a one-hundred-year-old firehouse in Chicago with her husband and partner, Timothy.  It has been renovated for use as a sound stage for film productions and an event space for weddings and corporate events.


Until recently the artist's studio was a one-hundred-year-old farm house in Green County, Wisconsin. The painter spent the majority of her time there painting in wax and oil or growing herbs and flowers.


Selene Plum now lives in Asheville, her studio is in the much-coveted Riverview Building in the River Arts District. The painter keeps busy by hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains and producing meditations and memories about the framework of this new landscape.


Selene Plum says of her pictures, "I am living in the bone structure of these mountains and everything beneath. These works are my daily journals rendering sky and dirt with wax and fire. I want my viewer to experience something familiar and new, I want them to care for the earth as much as I do."