Henrietta Molinaro Paintings British Italian, b. 1979

"I'm inspired by things that have lived a life before they've touched mine".
                                                                                                              Henrietta Molinaro

Henrietta Molinaro is an artist and graphic designer of English and Italian origin who was brought up in rural Tuscany. Henrietta has been based in London since 2002. She is an artist inspired by nature, eclectic objects and rediscovered forms. Experimenting with early photographic methods, Henrietta creates images that make use of the traditional darkroom process. This artwork is inspired by early photographers such as Anna Atkins and Henry Fox Talbot.

Henrietta first studied Fine Art in Florence and Rome, later continuing with a degree in Graphic Design at the London College of Printing. This background in photography and design plays an important role in shaping Henrietta's approach to image making, where each discipline will often inform the outcome of the other.

Henrietta is a passionate collector, choosing her subjects based on shape and detail. The subtle variations in form provide each image with its own individual character. As the artists says: "I'm particularly interested in the life an object may have once had, and in celebrating natural beauty that is often overlooked".


Henrietta's artwork has been brought by numerous private clients and has appeared in publications such as 'Thames and Hudson', 'Eye Magazine' and 'The Drawbridge'.


WSJ Gallery represent Henrietta Molinaro in London, UK.