Emmanuel Berry French, b. 1971

Emmanuel Berry was born in 1971 in Sens, part of the Burgundy region of France. A former student of Serge Gal, Berry developed a strong passion for large format photography, the Zone System technique as well as black and white laboratory methods. During a photography workshop in 1992, he met Robert Frank and they became firm friends. They subsequently directed and edited a short film together. During this period, he also became the assistant for photographer Paolo Roversi. Berry was introduced to the Polaroid camera which he used exclusively for several years. These two important friendships profoundly influenced Emmanuel`s work.


Berry has worked alongside renowned artists and writers such as Yves Guillot, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, B. Lamarche-Vadel as well as focusing on his own projects, Winner of the Ilford Prize in 1994, Emmanuel`s first exhibition took place in 1999. Several other solo and group exhibitions have followed in his native Burgundy, in Paris and internationally.


Emmanuel Berry's photographs have been used in several art publications notably the volume 'Rodin' 2016. In this handsome art book, Berry followed a rigorous protocol where the sculpture was isolated on a black background and illuminated by natural light. He focused on the contours, textures and lines that shape Auguste Rodin's classic artworks thus immersing the viewer in the creative process of the sculptor. These supreme black-and-white photographic studies scrutinise the expressive power of Rodin's creativity and techniques to reveal the master's work in a new light.